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Here is where I shall be posting fanarts I receive. Let it be known, if you make/give me fanart, I will love you 4evr~ Fo realz.

So without further ado:

So cute~
By Fiore
My first fanart ever~ This is so gorgeous!!! I love the style, and Machi looks so cute! OuO Thank you so much!!!

So pretty~
By Fiore
Another fanart by my good friend Fiore~ It's so gorgeous *u*

By Rainbow^Fae
First fanart of Tochu. He looks so cute~ Thank you so much! I like the saying :3

Tochu looks smokin'
By TytoAlba
Thank you~~ Tochu looks awesome~ I love the coloring and color choices.

Upa Kawaii~ xD
By Nashira
This super cute fanart is actually of the fan-submitted character Naota (created by Shuuichi). I love him too and am glad that he got attention :3

By Larkesyo (Subeta)
These chibis are. so. ADORABLE~ Lark also had deadly accuracy on Mudkips colors, considering they haven't been shown so far. Thank you so much!

Tochu, you're going down!
By Nikku-sama
A very cute picture of Machi and Purse and their rivalry. x3 Mudkip looks so cute and evil!

Happy Birthday to me! OwO
By Fiore
SO CUTE! My dear friend Fiore made an amazing Chibi-Tochu-Robin for my birthday~~ So cute!!

Thank you so much, everyone!

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